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Handling Civil and Criminal Appeals From a Position of Strength

Criminal and civil appeals depend on effective legal research to identify the legal errors which created a barrier for someone to obtain a fair trial. At Avallone Law Associate, we combine our exemplary writing and research skills with our ability to understand when evidence was insufficient to support a trial decision. Our team of appellate attorneys knows how to effectively illustrate why you should be granted a new trial.

At Avallone Law Associates, we believe criminal and civil cases do not have to end with an unfavorable trial verdict. You have a constitutional right to have the trial court's actions reviewed, if you believe a courtroom error put your right to a fair trial at risk. We have the skills and resources to help you appeal a decision before a panel of appellate judges to determine if the trial court's decision was consistent with applicable law and procedure. Contact our law firm today to consult an experienced appellate attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Advocating for Your Rights in Criminal Appellate Court

If you were convicted of a state or federal offense, you have the right to appeal the decision before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Our law firm's appellate attorneys have extensive experience submitting briefs and arguing cases before a panel of three appellate judges. We are highly skilled and competent at identifying why you should be granted a new trial.

When you pursue an appeal, you do not have to use the same defense attorney you worked with in trial. You have the absolute right to choose an appellate attorney. In many cases, the best approach is to enlist an appellate attorney with no connection to the initial proceedings. When you select our law firm, we will deliver strong advocacy and legal counsel. We know how to effectively articulate why your conviction should be overturned based on a violation of your constitutional rights.

Representing Clients in Civil Appeals

At the law firm of Avallone Law Associates, our firm's appellate lawyers are highly skilled at conducting legal research, writing and delivering persuasive legal briefs. We have extensive experience making compelling legal arguments to a panel of appellate judges in civil hearings over a variety of legal areas, including:

  • Business disputes
  • Employer-employee disputes
  • Personal injury disputes
  • Medical malpractice disputes

In preparation for the appeals process, we will review the court proceeding from your trial to understand if the trial court made any mistakes when administering your case. We will then develop a legal brief outlining your grounds for pursuing an appeal. An appellate hearing is then scheduled after the panel of judges has the chance to review the brief delivered from both sides.

We will have an opportunity to appear before the appellate judges to answer questions and deliver oral arguments. A decision will be made to either affirm or revise the trial court's decision based on a prejudicial error. When you select our law firm, we will help you navigate through the appellate process to help secure your legal rights.

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When experience matters, contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. We are prepared to develop a persuasive legal brief, while delivering strong advocacy to express your position before a panel of appellate judges.

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