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What buyers should look for on a walk-through

Buyers should know how important the walk-through process is when purchasing a home.

Whether people are purchasing their first home or simply moving from one house to another, there are many important steps required when buying a property. Funding the property and ensuring that families have found the perfect house to meet their needs may be stressful in itself. It is important for people to make sure that the home they are buying is not only up to code, but is in the condition that the seller has indicated. The walk-through is vital step in the home buying process, as it allows the buyer to look at every detail of the property, ask for repairs to be made and ensure changes have been made appropriately before the final papers are signed.

Planning a walk-through

Home buyers will often walk through the property on several occasions during the process. First, when viewing the property for the first time. Second, when going through the property with an inspector to determine whether there is structural damage or the home is up to code. Buyers will also want to see if there are essential repairs that need to be made prior to their moving in. In some cases, they can ask for the price of the home to be dropped in order to compensate for major repairs that need to be made. Next, a final tour of the property will make sure that all changes have been made and the house is truly ready for the buyer to move in.

Bring other people

People should allow themselves plenty of time when walking through the home. It is important to look carefully at everything, and be able to pick out details of the property that may need further attention. While the inspector will be present during one walk-through, buyers may want to bring others to perform the final inspection of the property prior to moving in. Additional eyes may catch problems or repair errors that the home buyer did not originally notice.

Have the proper forms

When going through the home, buyers should be equipped with the home inspection report, as well as the seller’s property condition disclosure form. Did the seller properly disclose all of the problems that may be affecting the property? Buyers should make notes when walking through to assure everything was completed as promised.

Legal assistance may be needed

If you feel as though there were discrepancies in your real estate papers, or you have had another issue arise when purchasing your home, you may want to speak to an attorney in Pennsylvania regarding your experience. You have legal rights as a home buyer. A lawyer may be able to help you explore your options.

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