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Pennsylvania Debt Relief Lawyers Working for You

If you have an overwhelming amount of debts, creditors are likely hounding you for your late payments. You may have even considered taking out a 401(k) loan or using your credit cards to try and get ahead. Unfortunately, these are only Band-Aid-type solutions that could ultimately put you deeper in debt.

At Avallone Law Associates, we have 40 years of experience offering debt relief solutions to help individuals and families obtain a fresh start. Our firm’s Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys understand that everyone’s financial troubles are unique. Whether your finances spiraled out of control from your medical bills, student loans, or child support payments, you have a right to file bankruptcy and stop creditor harassment.

We are committed to helping you become debt free through consumer bankruptcy. Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled Philadelphia Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer during a free initial consultation.

Determining if Chapter 7 Is Right for You

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for individuals and families who have unmanageable levels of debt and not a steady income or a significant amount of assets. To qualify for Chapter 7 debt relief, you will need to pass at least the first part of the bankruptcy means test. Your monthly income will be measured against the median income level for households of similar size throughout Pennsylvania.

You will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your monthly income level is equal to less than the state’s median income level for households of a similar size. Our firm’s attorneys will help you navigate through the bankruptcy process, and work with you to file for Chapter 13 debt relief, if you do not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Outlining the Benefits of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you qualify for a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will benefit in many ways such as:

  • Putting an immediate end to creditor harassment
  • Stopping creditor judgment actions
  • Eliminating credit card debts and medical bills
  • Stopping wage garnishments and car repossessions

We want to make sure you are given a complete picture of how you will be affected by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While you will gain a fresh start, not all of your debts will be wiped away. After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will still need to pay your taxes, child support, spousal support and your mortgage. During a free initial consultation, we will address all of your bankruptcy concerns so you can make an informed decision.

Contact Our Law Firm to File for Chapter 7 Debt Relief

If you are feeling trapped under unmanageable levels of debt, contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation or call 215-253-3855. We will help you determine if consumer bankruptcy, or possibly debt consolidation, is the right solution for you and your family.

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