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Helping You Tackle Credit Card Debt

The subprime lending crisis has put pressure on banks to rein in their lending. As a result, the lines of credit consumers and small businesses have grown accustomed to have been drastically reduced — pushing many toward the brink of bankruptcy in the process.

Since 1982, lawyers at Avallone Law Associates have helped individuals, families and small-business owners reduce their credit card debt through the debt negotiation services we provide, and through the bankruptcy process as well. If you are in eastern Pennsylvania and are in need of serious debt relief, we encourage you to put our knowledge of bankruptcy law and experience helping others to work for you today.

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The Problem of Credit Card Debt

Given the current economic climate, it is no surprise that individuals and small businesses are having tremendous difficulty with managing their credit card debt. At the same time, credit card companies are becoming much more aggressive in suing those who default on their debts.

Our firm defends individual and business clients who have been sued by credit card companies in Pennsylvania state courts. Experience with the discovery process and knowledge of the unique proofs required to establish the elements of this cause of action help us to do that, as does our ability to discredit credit card company “witnesses” with no legitimate information on which to base their testimony.

And while the range of appropriate debt solutions may vary on a case-by-case basis, our commitment to providing personalized attention and results does not. Whatever your situation, we can help you understand your options and choose the course of action that will best meet your individual needs.

40 Years of Making the Law Work for Families

When you call, we will be happy to speak to you about the bankruptcy process or the credit card defense and debt settlement services offered by our firm. The initial consultation will cost you nothing and at the very least, will provide you with an honest, more realistic perspective on the situation you’re faced with.

To make arrangements for your free consultation, simply call 215-253-3855 or contact our Philadelphia law offices today.

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