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How the government and gas companies abuse eminent domain

As natural gas production only continues to increase in Philadelphia, many residents have worried about losing their land to natural gas companies via eminent domain. According to Forbes, eminent domain is typically reserved for governmental use. This allows the government to build roads or other infrastructure that serves the public interest. In these instances, people receive payment for allowing the use of their property.

However, under the Natural Gas Act, even privately owned natural-gas companies may now use eminent domain to seize land for running pipelines. What is worse is that some natural-gas companies are exploiting the law to take land immediately. In some instances, they may even lapse on paying the families affected by the land grab. In this instance, homeowners may file a claim against the company regarding the abuse of eminent domain.

House flipping is still hot in Philadelphia

When you look at an older house with weathered paint and woodwork, do you see potential? If you’re not scared of the work it takes to strip a house of its defects and build it up stronger, brighter and ready to sell, then you might just be ready to join the nation’s booming crowd of house flippers.

House flipping continues to trend strong. The practice has recently eclipsed its 2006 levels, and Philadelphia has proven to be one of the nation’s hotspots. But while the city has often offered some of the country’s best returns, it’s important to remember that there are risks to flipping a home, as well.

Differences between spousal support and alimony

A divorce is an emotional and financial parting of the ways. While soon-to-be former spouses work through the family dissolution and emotional fallout, the division of assets and other financial issues often weigh on spouses’ minds. Alimony can be a very contentious and high-conflict portion of a divorce proceeding. In such a situation, you may be concerned with the cost of supporting your former spouse.

Under Pennsylvania law, spousal support, alimony pendente lite and alimony are three distinct and different types of support. Pennsylvania often requires a higher-earning or solely-employed spouse to provide financial support for the stay-at-home parent.

Determining the risk of your commercial property

Some entrepreneurs may look at a successful apartment complex operating in a Philadelphia neighborhood and think that operating a similar piece of property will turn out just as well. However, a comparison of similar commercial real estate properties may not be as informative as you believe. If you plan to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, you will have to dig deeper into the property to figure out whether you are making a wise investment.

Forbes explains that property comparisons work differently when it comes to commercial and residential real estate. Usually, two successful residential properties of a similar type will enjoy success for the same reasons. However, commercial properties, though alike, can perform very differently. This is because there are a variety of factors that can drag down the performance of commercial real estate.

Marital dissatisfaction and the decision to divorce

When it comes to marriages, every couple is different. Some married couples are able to happily live together for the rest of their lives, while others may find that things are not working out several months after they tied the knot. There are so many reasons why marriages fall apart, from spousal abuse and financial hardships to difficulties associated with raising children, an affair or even just incompatibility. When someone is dissatisfied in their marriage, they may try to work things out through counseling. Others may have no desire in trying to repair their marriage, or these attempts may prove unfruitful.

Whether you are dissatisfied in your current marriage or your spouse wants to split up because they are not happy, we know that this can be an incredibly overwhelming position to find yourself in. Sometimes, people feel a sense of hopelessness when these challenges arise, but it is crucial to stay focused and positive, especially since there may be a great deal at stake. For example, the way in which custody is awarded and the financial effects of the divorce process could have a huge impact on your future.

Homes stolen through deed fraud

In early February of 2019, NBC Philadelphia announced that stolen homes through deed fraud was on the rise. In fact, reports say there was a 70 percent spike in the number of people in Philadelphia who alleged that they were victims of deed fraud. While this crime is certainly not unique to Pennsylvania, the high increase prompted a crackdown.

Perhaps, one of the most disheartening findings is that low-income communities are disproportionately affected by this crime. People of color and the elderly were also identified as key targets. Additionally, homes that owners left unoccupied were particularly vulnerable.

When can quiet title actions be used?

Property owners use quiet title actions for all sorts of disputes. In many cases when ownership of a property is contested, a Pennsylvania resident may file a quiet title action in court to obtain undisputed ownership of the property. These actions are used to clear away any doubt as to who owns the property, and can involve contesting the claims of other parties or simply demonstrating that no other party has a valid claim to the property.

Per the Legal Dictionary, quiet title actions can be brought if the parties involved dispute the boundaries of the property. You might have an opposing party who claims ownership over several square feet of the property. You might even find over the course of the legal contest that the initial survey of the property was in error, or you could know there were problems with the survey to begin with and filed the action on that basis.

The basics for commercial real estate loans

Buying real estate for a new company? Or are you renovating a property you already have? Both options require large sums of money - most likely through a commercial real estate loan. And these loans need more attention due to their lengthy process.

Luckily, commercial real estate loans are not another hurdle in your business plan. All you need is the right information about the loans and your business, and you will find a plan that meets your interests and the bank's terms.

Prepare to buy a home with these helpful tips

When people in Pennsylvania are preparing to purchase a home for the first time, they may be apprehensive to make any major decisions on their own. Often, these concerns stem from inexperience in transferring the title of such a significant investment or perhaps they honestly are unsure of where to begin. Being a bit familiarized with some general suggestions can be beneficial as people prepare for the exciting steps of becoming homebuyers. 

One of the most important parts of buying a home for a majority of people is finding one that meets each of their requirements to support the needs of their lifestyle and home life. However, people should remember that finding the "perfect" home is a bit of an illusion. Often, people will need to narrow down their criteria and be flexible to find the property that checks the most boxes on their list. 

Financial problems and family law

People experience financial hardships for a myriad of reasons, including the loss of a job and a health problem that seemingly came from nowhere. Unfortunately, these financial problems can do far more than cause daily life to become difficult from a financial point of view. Unfortunately, they can also leave a non-custodial parent unable to pay child support, prevent someone from moving forward with a divorce due to legal costs, result in missed alimony payments and cause a variety of other challenges. If you are going through a tough time financially, or anticipate these problems in the near future, it is important to focus on the potential impact with respect to family law.

Those who are struggling financially may have some options that necessitate closer review. For example, someone who cannot pay their child support could have the option to modify their child support order due to major financial challenges they are facing. A spousal support order may also be modified under certain circumstances. Moreover, those who have fallen behind may be able to set up a payment plan in order to take care of their obligations.

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