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Allentown’s proposed ice arena displaces local day-care

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2011 | Eminent Domain |

To avoid the process of eminent domain, the owner of the building that houses the New Generation Learning Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, has agreed to let the city buy her property for a negotiated price. The woman who owns the day-care center, however, says she’s running into problems trying to move her business into a nearby neighborhood. The day-care center has to vacate its North Seventh Street building so the city can build a proposed hockey arena for the Philadelphia Flyers’ minor league team.

The woman hopes to move her business into a building in a nearby neighbourhood. She says she’s found a new site for the facility in the 500 block of Linden Street, just outside the central business area. Because of this, moving in the area will require the city’s seal of approval.

The problem with the change of place, the owner complains, is that the location that she has chosen for the New Generation Learning Center falls within a section of the city that has been zoned as a high-density residential area. Her application to move into the property and conduct business from 6 a.m. until midnight each weekday is already opposed by at least one person.

An attorney, who would be sharing the same building as the two-floor day-care center, said he is concerned that his clients won’t like the noise. The lawyer also pointed out to a zoning board that another day-care facility already operates right next door.

A spokesperson for the city’s mayor has promised help for individuals and businesses that have to uproot to make way for the hockey rink.

The zoning board is reviewing the day-care application, but cautioned the owner that, because the city operates separately from the zoning board, the review would not receive any extra merit.

Source: The Morning Call, “Hockey arena site forces day-care center to find new home,” Elizabeth Murphy, 5 July 2011


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