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Lower Nazareth Township comes out of settlement with land

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2013 | Commercial Real Estate |

Lower Nazareth Township will finally gain possession of a piece of property and its office and warehouse space, which officials plan to use to house a new municipal center. The resolution comes on the heels of a lengthy legal process for the commercial real estate, pitting the township against the former owners of the land and facilities.

A company previously owned the land, but a bank foreclosed on the property, putting it up for sale. The company used the land as a home base for a number of businesses, including plumbing and excavating ventures. Lower Nazareth Township purchased the land for $1.3 million. The 2.8 acres of property also include office and warehouse space.

However, the company’s owners were not about to vacate the property without a long drawn-out legal battle. The owners claimed that they had leases that the township was obligated to honor. Meanwhile, the township fought to evict the unwilling tenants from the land.

Before the case reached trial, the two sides came to an agreement. The owners of the business agreed to leave the land by June 1, 2013, so that the township could take possession. In the end, both sides made comments that suggested they were content with the settlement.

However, the settlement was not struck until after claiming financial causalities. The township amassed a great amount of legal expenses to pursue the litigation. In all, the township was left with a $169,000 bill due to their efforts.

Contracts and leases for commercial property are not always honored. Anyone who finds themselves stuck in the middle of a legal battle needs to arm themselves with attorneys that understand the sometimes-confusing realm of property litigation. It could potentially be the difference between keeping or losing a parcel of land or other property.

Source: The Morning Call, “Lower Nazareth settles eviction spat with Selvaggio Enterprises,” Riley Yates, Jan. 31, 2013


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