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Residential plan proposed for Main Line estate

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2013 | Residential Real Estate |

A residential real estate proposal has been made for the development of a historic Main Line estate in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania. The estate, known as Ardrossan, used to belong to Hope Montgomery Scott. Scott, a well-known socialite, was the person whom the film, “The Philadelphia Story,” was based upon.

Radnor township officials have taken the proposal under advisement. The estate is currently owned by Scott’s grandson. His plan for the property includes preserving spacious pasturelands and woods on the property. At some points, the line of sight allows a view as long as half a mile. Additionally, small clusters of houses would be constructed on less than two acres each of land, with each home having a scenic view of what the owner describes as a “sea of green.”

In order for the proposal to move forward, it must be approved by the township’s planning board. Two previous sections of the property were sold in the 1990’s, with each then divided into approximately 20 acre lots. The grandson believes that his proposal will be attractive to homeowners who will get the chance to live on a property that was part of a famous Hollywood movie, along with reduced maintenance and taxes because of the relatively small size of the lots. He also believes the configuration he has proposed will help promote a sense of community. He expressed hope that both planning and zoning approval for the project would soon be obtained.

“The Philadelphia Story” movie featured Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart, and Ruth Hussey. Usually, when large residential real estate developments are contemplated, it is essential to involve an experienced real estate attorney from the earliest stage of the proposal to make sure any legal requirements are anticipated and met.

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