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Man who feeds the homeless may keep his home, thanks to donations

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2014 | Residential Real Estate |

A Montgomery County man who works to help the homeless has himself fallen on hard times. Each Thursday, as part of his King’s Jubilee ministry, which he operates out of his home, the Souderton resident drives to Center City to deliver homemade soup to Philadelphia’s homeless. However, after he became ill and his wife lost her job, the couple fell behind on their mortgage payments, and the lender started to foreclose.

After the man’s house was listed for a sheriff’s sale, The Inquirer ran an article about his and his wife’s financial struggle. In response, community members launched an online fundraiser, which reportedly brought in donations totaling more than $25,000. The man said that he and his wife owe $12,000 in past-due mortgage payments, plus penalties.

The fundraiser, which drew in donations from across the globe, is also meant to help the man continue his charitable work. He said that local residents, along with people he has never met, have offered contributions large and small. Some people couldn’t give money, but they wanted to offer their voice in support.

One man, a singer, said he would do a free show to raise money and help the couple get back on their feet.

The husband and wife reportedly owe $1,500 each month on their mortgage.

Philadelphia residents who are facing foreclosure should know that there may be legal options for keeping their homes. An attorney with experience in foreclosure defense can discuss what those options are and help individuals facing foreclosure choose the route that is best for them.

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Source: Philly.com, “Aid pours in for Montco man who feeds Phila.’s homeless,” Claudia Vargas, Jan. 8, 2014


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