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February 2014 Archives

New buyers acquire Avenue of the Arts building in Philadelphia

The large-scale American architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries is something to behold, and the elegant and time-honored vibe of those structures is often highly desirable in the commercial and residential markets. Of course, creating a lucrative strategy for such a property can be a complex matter that requires in-depth legal probing in order to avoid possible pitfalls.

Zoning board approves another coffee shop in Fishtown

A study conducted in 2011 pointed to the importance of coffee shops in gentrifying American neighborhoods. From the art on the walls, to the caffeine-fueled conversations, to the business of selling coffee -- a neighborhood's culture can be strengthened and fueled by coffees shops.

Philadelphia artist's struggle against eminent domain continues

Discrepancy in the valuation of property is a common issue in eminent domain disputes. A city or a school district will enter into negotiations with a property owner, and each side has the property appraised. It may not be surprising that in many cases, the buyer's assessment turns out to be much lower than the seller's assessment.

Pennsylvania school district plans eminent domain action

Pennsylvania law allows for school districts to use eminent domain to obtain property within the district's geographic area. A district that exercises eminent domain must provide compensation to the property owner, but there are often disputes about how much compensation is due.

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