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Roxborough residents oppose town house plans

On Behalf of | May 6, 2014 | Real Estate Disputes |

The basic conflict between those who want to preserve and those who want to erect anew is age-old in real estate. Historical architecture can hearken back through time and enrich a community’s culture, while economic circumstances can also demand new enterprises and a change in scenery.

With these issues in mind, Philadelphia residents may recall the Bunting House in Roxborough. The Central Roxborough Civic Association (CRCA) lost a battle to preserve the Victorian house, and ultimately the building was demolished. Now the CRCA is focusing its efforts on preserving another Victorian home between Green Lane and Manayunk Ave.

If a development plan is approved, the Victorian house could be demolished and replaced with town houses. These would be six three-bedroom homes with 3.5 bathrooms each, along with roof decks on the exterior and rear parking accessible from Green Lane. The project requires approval from the zoning board, and CRCA members and local residents recently gathered to voice their opposition.

However, because of a scheduling mix-up, the developer’s representatives did not attend the meeting. A majority of members and residents who were present reportedly voted in opposition to the project. Another meeting has been scheduled for May 14.

As Philadelphia planners and residents address a wide variety of real estate issues, zoning disputes are almost inevitable. Often such conflicts can be resolved outside of court, but other times litigation is necessary. An attorney who stays abreast of relevant rulings and changing laws can help ensure that your interests are properly protected.

Source: Montgomery News, “With developer a no-show, residents firmly oppose Green Lane proposal,” Bernard J. Scally, May 3, 2014


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