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June 2014 Archives

Are foreclosures rising in Pittsburgh?

Whether a resident of Pennsylvania is buying or selling a home, it is often a very exciting experience. There are numerous steps that must be taken for both buyers and sellers, but the completion of all these steps often ultimately leads to an exciting life change. In all of the excitement involving in buying a home, the last thing the buyer is thinking about is the possibility of eventual foreclosure. Unfortunately, foreclosure does lie in the future of some Pennsylvania homeowners.

Neighbors and owner at odds over use of Springfield property

We've often written about balancing the traditional look and feel of neighborhoods with the need for change and economic development, and an issue that often comes up in these matters is the preservation of open space. Community members in Springfield Township are at odds with a local property owner who plans to build 35 age-restricted homes that the community says will harm open space, cause traffic problems and lower property values.

Subway improvements part of signage deal for Lit Bros. building

In 2011 the Market Street East Advertising District was created by the Philadelphia City Council. According to zoning in the district, a property owner can put up a large, digital sign if the owner contributes $10 million in public investments and has approval from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC). The digital signs are meant to advertise on-site uses and other uses. Essentially, property owners can put up a large sign only in exchange for making improvements to public space.

Community takes part in 'Funeral for a Home' in Mantua

The look and feel of certain parts of Philadelphia are going through major changes, and for many people, those changes call to mind memories as well as new opportunities. To provide some perspective on the complex emotions evoked by the city's redevelopment plans, a group of organizers from Temple University's Tyler School of Art planned an unusual project: "Funeral for a Home."

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