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August 2014 Archives

Condo residents should never stop paying association dues

Residents of Pennsylvania that live in a dwelling that qualifies as a condominium or townhome likely have association dues that they must pay. These dues cover items such as lawn care, garbage disposal and more. However, sometimes a resident that is paying these dues may not believe that the association is upholding their end of the bargain and the association money is not being put to good use. This could result in a real estate dispute.

We can help with eminent domain actions

In a recent post, this blog explained that the government has the power to take private land for public use. This process falls under eminent domain laws. Under these laws, the government must, in most cases, provide compensation for the property. Even with this compensation, though, you might not want the government to take your property.

The government's power of eminent domain is not unlimited

As a previous post on this blog noted, landowners are often frustrated by the effects of the government's power of eminent domain. While government agencies may intend to treat people fairly, when individuals are negatively impacted by the power of eminent domain, it may feel like the most unfair treatment that they've ever experienced.

How can you challenge zoning to maintain current land usage?

Landowners in Pennsylvania may or may not be aware that the pieces of land that they live on and own are zoned for a particular use. After reading this statement, some may be asking, "What does zoning mean?" Zoning laws are passed by the government and regulate the use of the land while facilitating urban planning.

When can the government take private property for a public use?

When it comes to ownership of private property, landowners are protected by numerous laws. These protections usually allow them to prevent intruders from entering their land, use it for any purpose allowed by law and build dwellings or other buildings upon the property. However, there are certain situations in which private property can be taken over by the government, even if the landowner does not wish to hand over their property.

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