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Homebuyers and sellers may want to obtain legal protection

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For those buying or selling residential real estate properties in the Philadelphia area, having an attorney can be incredibly helpful while navigating the often complicated process. There are various intricate aspects involved in property transactions, such as negotiations, inspections, disclosures and closings.

Home buyers and sellers may have to complete tasks like: inspecting the title and ordering title insurance, reviewing seller disclosures, negotiating and drafting sales contracts, examining deeds and analyzing settlement sheets. In Pennsylvania, once a contract has been signed, you cannot “unsign” it, so having knowledge of state-specific rules is important.

Attorney Lawrence J. Avallone has upwards of 40 years of experience in real estate transactions. As a result, he has a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania’s real estate laws, including the recent changes which put a greater burden on property sellers to disclose issues like water infiltration and structural damage. Attorney Avallone can complete various critical tasks such as reviewing and drafting real estate contracts and drafting mortgage contingencies for when and if financing falls through. Avallone Law Associates can help those Philadelphia area residents seeking to buy or sell a home, and fight for their property rights when necessary, such as in eminent domain cases.

When involved in a real estate transaction, it is imperative that the contracts are drafted accurately, properties are thoroughly inspected, among other things of a similar nature. Having legal representation from Avallone Law Associates during a real estate transaction can help ensure that the appropriate and necessary steps are taken to protect clients’ property interests.

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