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November 2014 Archives

Millennials drive real estate growth in central Philadelphia

The Millennial generation - those born between 1982 and 2004 - will play a significant role in the Philadelphia real estate market in the next few years, according to experts at a panel put together by a local business magazine. As the Millennial population grows and the Baby Boomer population levels off, developers are investing in central Philadelphia.

Why to enlist legal help when facing a real estate dispute

Everyone has heard the horror story of the real estate dispute that stretched on for years or even decades before being resolved. This is something the legal team at Avallone Law Associates will do everything to avoid. Real estate disputes are complicated and often involve a lot of paperwork and research. Let us get to the bottom of the dispute knowledgably and efficiently.

What are the potential legal actions from a breach of contract?

Good relations between parties to a contract can turn sour quickly during real estate disputes. There is often a misunderstanding between the parties regarding the language of their contract. It is also possible that one of the contracting parties is willingly breaking the terms of the contract. This situation can arise when a tenant is breaking their rental lease agreement.

Former Verizon site in Bryn Mawr acquired for mixed-use project

Commercial property buyers in Pennsylvania are busy people. They not only have to worry about obtaining financing to buy a property, but they also must consider zoning, permits and other issues that may delay or prevent the sale of the property or opening of their business on that property.

How do I prevent losing my home to foreclosure?

Though the Pennsylvania economy is seemingly showing signs of recovery, residential real estate foreclosures are still disturbingly common, with record numbers of home foreclosures throughout the United States and Pennsylvania. Besides being emotionally problematic, as losing one's home is definitely difficult, foreclosure can negatively affect your credit score. You may even end up owing the bank more money, called a deficiency judgment, if your home is worth less than the amount you owe on your mortgage.

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