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January 2015 Archives

What is an action to quiet title?

Individuals who have an ownership claim to a piece of property in Pennsylvania may have questions about the title to the property and what the implications of having a clear title to a piece of property are. The title to a piece of property is important because it demonstrates who has legal ownership of a piece of property and the right to use the property.

Farmer wins eminent domain fight, preserving farm and history

Understanding how to fight claims of eminent domain can be as simple as saving a family farm or preserving important Pennsylvania history. Being threatened by an eminent domain action can be unsettling and overwhelming.

Understanding breach of contract and possible remedies

At the heart of most real estate deals is a contract and at the heart of most real estate disputes is oftentimes a breach of contract. Contracts commonly underlie a variety of business transactions, including real estate transactions, and contract breaches impact a number of business transactions. Contracts are found everywhere in everyday life. Because of the prominence of contracts is nearly every business transaction, it is important to understand how contracts are formed, and can be breached, and what to do in circumstances of a contract dispute.

Knowing the basics for purchasing your dream home is important

For many people, the idea of owning their own home may be an important dream. If you have made owning your own home a goal, you may wonder about the process and sometimes feel overwhelmed by all it entails. Because of the importance purchasing a dream home often holds in many people's lives, it is worth it to be knowledgeable concerning the process of purchasing residential real estate when pursuing the dream of buying your own home.

What is zoning and why is it important?

If you are deciding on where to locate your business, or are considering expanding your business, it is important to understand what zoning laws are and how they make impact your decision. Local zoning laws may impact the purchase of a property for business or improvements a business owner wishes to make on an existing business structure.

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