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February 2016 Archives

Preservation fight pits CVS against Main Line history

This blog has commented on a number of land use disputes in Philadelphia and its suburbs that involve a proposal to demolish or significantly alter a building with historic significance and replace it with a modern commercial structure. A number of suburban communities have enacted ordinances to preserve historically significant structures, but as demonstrated by a commercial property case arising on the historic Main Line, these ordinances vary greatly in their effect.

Judge allows suit to stop Mariner East 2 Pipeline to move forward

This blog has previously written about the real estate litigation involving the Mariner East 2 pipeline proposed to be built across south Pennsylvania to a port on the Delaware River north of Philadelphia. Many local residents have expressed strong opposition to the natural gas pipeline, claiming that it will have significant adverse environmental impacts without offsetting benefits to local communities. One of the central legal issues in the case is whether the builder of the pipeline, Sunoco Logistics, may use Pennsylvania's eminent domain law to compel local land owners to sell their land to enable pipeline construction.

Partnership dispute could derail real estate deal

Many complex real estate deals begin with an informal agreement between the parties to pursue a project. Only after much planning and negotiation is the proposed transaction reduced to writing. Sometimes, however, the course of events doesn't quite live up to the expectations of one or both parties. An example of how an apparently mutually beneficial redevelopment proposal can jump the rails is provided by a real estate dispute that has arisen in suburban Philadelphia.

Planning commission grants variance for Point Breeze development

A controversial residential development on south Wharton Street moved one step closer to fruition when the Philadelphia Planning Commission granted a variance to the developer to allow residential structures in an area zoned for industrial commercial mixed use. However, the action is not likely to quell the real estate dispute that has surrounded this project since its announcement in 2013.

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