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April 2016 Archives

Urban Outfitters threatens to pull out of Devon Yard project

A long-pending proposal to redevelop Waterloo Gardens and adjacent properties with upscale retail and restaurants and apartments is facing some crucial decisions by the Easttown Township Planning Commission. It is also facing a threat by a prospective tenant to withdraw from the project - known as Devon Yard - if neighbors who object to the commercial real estate development elect to appeal an approval of the zoning overlay map that is currently before the Planning Commission.

Rule of adverse possession used to protect neighborhood garden

Community gardens have become a common sight in Philadelphia and other cities. The existence of one such garden was recently threatened by one obscure legal rule and then saved - at least temporarily - through the application of another. As real estate disputes go, this one is not large, but it provides an interesting lesson in how to solve them.

Pipeline gains victory, landowners promise an appeal

This blog has written several times about the legal and environmental issues swirling around Sunoco Logistics' plans to construct the Mariner East 3 Pipeline across Pennsylvania to the Delaware River just north of Philadelphia. Landowners in the path of the pipeline have voiced numerous objections to the environmental cost of the pipeline and the negotiating tactics used by Sunoco to acquire right-of-way for the pipeline. Now, a judge in Lebanon County has granted a significant victory to Sunoco.

Settlement of lawsuits allows work on Merriam Estate to begin

This blog has commented on the struggle between real estate developers and preservationists over whether to preserve historic structures or allow their demolition in favor of new commercial and residential developments. One such real estate dispute in Lower Merion Township has finally been resolved after 13 years of delays caused by the clash of competing interests.

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