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Saving your home from foreclosure: having a good lawyer helps

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Residential Real Estate |

Losing the family home to foreclosure is a nightmare that still haunts many middle and lower class families in Philadelphia. When the housing bubble burst in 2008, banks scrambled to clear their books of questionable residential real estate loans by aggressively foreclosing on loans that were delinquent. While the acute crisis of 2008 has passed, people who have lost their jobs or incurred unexpected expenses such as large medical bills are still struggling to make their regular monthly mortgage payments. A notice of foreclosure can arrive out of the blue, and with it, a feeling of utter helplessness.

Many people in this situation often abandon hope and walk away from their homes, but a consultation with an experienced real estate attorney can often mean the difference between losing the home and finding a solution that postpones foreclosure until a family recovers from financial difficulty.

The attorneys at Avallone & Associates pride themselves on crafting specifically tailored solutions that can help a family fight and recover from a foreclosure crisis. Among the many solutions devised by the firm are helping a client seek and obtain financial assistance from the Pennsylvania Homeowners’ Mortgage Assistance Program, negotiating a forbearance agreement or loan modification with the lender, eliminating second and third mortgages by filing a wage earners’ chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, and finding legal defects in the original loan documents or foreclosure documents that prevent a bank from foreclosing.

The lawyers at Avallone & Associates are dedicated to analyzing a client’s case and to proposing solutions that are individually crafted to address the specific challenges of the case. The firm takes into account each client’s situation and finds solutions that will best meet the client’s needs. In recommending a specific course of action, Avallone attorneys are mindful also of the client’s financial situation and ability to afford legal fees.


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Thank you for helping me out of such a deplorable situation. I appreciate all of your help and advice and dedication to your clients.
-Chanda, Philadelphia, PA