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January 2017 Archives

What is a partition action?

Real property is commonly owned by two or more persons or parties. A common example is a parcel of real property that is given to two or more siblings by their father, or that is owned by a partnership. If the co-owners agree on management or sale of the parcel, they can share its benefits for many years. If, however, the co-owners disagree on whether to sell the property or on how to manage it, Pennsylvania law gives them the right to resolve their property dispute by asking the court to divide the property.

Neighbors sue to overturn zoning approval for cancer center

A long-brewing land use dispute in the Philadelphia suburb of Swarthmore is now headed for state court. The case centers on a proposal to use a large house on Chester Road for temporary housing for cancer patients and their caregivers. In late December 2016, the Swarthmore Borough Council granted the care center's sponsor, a non-profit organization known as HEADstrong, an accommodation that permitted operation of the center in an RB Residential Zoning District.

Homeowners complain about how Philly banks deal with mortgages

Trying to re-negotiate the terms of a mortgage can be a difficult and often financially punitive process. According to a recently released study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency of the federal government, an unpleasant experience dealing with a bank about the terms of an existing or new mortgage is the number one complaint about Philadelphia banks as judged by their customers.

Developer, foes settle dispute about Rittenhouse Square tower

According to news reports, the last undeveloped parcel in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia will see the construction of a 47-story tower thanks to the settlement of a dispute between the developer and neighbors who opposed the original concept of a 55-story tower. Details are still pending, but the basic agreement is said to allow completion of commercial real estate development in the Square.

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