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Pennsylvania project receives zoning green light to move forward

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Land Use & Zoning |


In order to proceed with a building project or development, certain and necessary approvals must be made. Zoning laws are important to understand because they can have a tremendous impact on a proposed, planned or existing real estate or commercial real estate projects. It is essential for developers and individuals engaged in real estate or commercial real estate transactions to be well versed in local zoning laws and may also need to understand how to seek a variance from zoning laws or other ways to tackle zoning concerns.

A new development in a neighboring Pennsylvania community northwest of Philadelphia has received the necessary approvals for zoning in order to proceed. With the recent zoning approvals, the developer, a leading developer and investor in mixed-use and commercial real estate properties, can proceed with the planned development. The large and multi-faceted development will be centered around a public plaza that can be used for famers’ markets, outdoor movies, exercise classes and other public uses. The development will include a 250,000 square foot office building with retail and dining as well as a hotel, parking structure and other features and amenities.

The property is well-located for easy access to Philadelphia and other areas and is close in proximity to public transit options and freeway access. A representative for the developer noted they view the development as the creation of a town square. The developer is also looking into adding a residential use to the property and also noted the increasing popularity of mixed-use developments. The developer is currently working on final plans for the development and is seeking land use approvals.

Having trained guidance throughout the zoning process can be helpful as a dreamed development hopes to get off the ground and become a reality. It can be crucially important to be educated concerning zoning laws and their implications whenever parties are engaged in a real estate transaction.


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