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Understanding the residential real estate process

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Real Estate Disputes |

When engaged in a residential real estate project, it is important for homeowners to be familiar with their rights and how to protect them. The residential real estate process can be complex and challenging, so having trained guidance throughout it can be helpful. It is important to be familiar with construction and real estate matters ranging from contract negotiations to breach of contract and other concerns.

Issues that may arise in the context of residential real estate and construction projects include mechanic’s liens, which may require removal of a mechanic’s lien or a mechanic’s lien may need to be filed, issues with either licensed or unlicensed contractors, disputes with contractors, construction defects, breach of contract and help working with homeowner, townhome and condo associations.

Engaging in a residential real estate transaction can have a number of moving parts and may be overwhelming and stressful at times. The purchase of a family home is significant in the lives of most individuals navigating the process, which is why it is important for them to be familiar with the different stages of the process. It is helpful to understand the processes related to making an offer, purchase and sales contracts, financing, inspections, closings and other elements of the process as well.

Each residential real estate situation is a unique situation and is important to the parties involved in the transaction; however, the legal process it progresses along is fairly standard for those trained in the residential real estate process. It is useful to know how to respond to challenges that may arise throughout the residential real estate and be prepared for them so that the parties involved can protect themselves and arrive at a favorable outcome at the end of the process.


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