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How we can help if the state wants to build a road over your land

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Eminent Domain |

In some sense, eminent domain proceedings with the state can be frustrating. For example, as a previous post discussed, while the state or a local authority has to go through several procedural steps, they ultimately have the right to take a persons’ private land so that they can build or improve a road. In other words, it is usually quite difficult for a landowner to stop the plans from going forward.

However, the state does have to pay a person just compensation for the land the state wishes to build the road over. On a practical level, this means the state has to pay fair market value, that is, a price one would reasonably expect to demand if he or she were to sell the land voluntarily. The problem, of course, is that there are often disagreements as to what constitutes “fair market value.”

This is where our law firm can be of valuable assistance to residents of the Philadelphia area who live on both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey sides. While we have experience with challenging eminent domain actions outright, even in relatively clear cut cases like the building of a road, we know that for a person losing his or her land, they will at least want the full and correct value of their property. Those who are eligible will also want relocation payments and other incidental benefits that the law allows.

As experienced eminent domain attorneys, we understand the lay of the land and how the process works. We also are well aware of how the state, individual departments in the state and local governments will approach the process. Even if we are not able to stop the government from building a road over a part of your land, we will work hard to make sure you at least get paid fully for the loss.


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