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A Philadelphia business entrepreneur will often choose to buy instead of lease land as a home for his or her business. For them, purchasing real estate means more than simply having a nice building for one’s needs. The real estate is also a business investment and, as an investment, it has to pay off.

One thing that can cause an investment in business real estate not to yield a good return is a zoning issue that gets discovered after the fact. The city has the legal right to regulate the use of a person’s business real estate, even if the person bought it fair and square. What this means is that an aspiring business owner may find out he or she will not be able to use the property he or she bought and will have to sell, likely at a loss.

With 40 years experience, our law office has learned to take a proactive approach to zoning and related land use problems, as we know how important it is for a business to get the property it bargained for, not a piece of land that is illegal for the business to use in the way the business needs to in order to thrive.

In most cases, we will conduct a thorough legal and factual investigation to make sure that zoning and related land-use laws line up with our client’s expectation. If it turns out that there are potential zoning issues, it may be best for the client to continue shopping.

In other cases, though, we do help our clients represent their interests before the local zoning authority. Sometimes, it is possible to get a piece of land re-zoned or get a variance, which is special permission to continue with a project even though it does not meet the provisions of the local zoning code. This all of course takes work in persuading local authorities, but we have had successful results for many of our clients.


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Thank you for helping me out of such a deplorable situation. I appreciate all of your help and advice and dedication to your clients.
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