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Does unpaid child support interfere with travel?

For non-custodial parents who have fallen behind on child support payments, a number of questions may be on their mind. For example, people going through this may worry about being taken into custody or wonder how their inability to pay child support will affect their lives in other ways. For example, they may be unable to apply for a U.S. passport, which could spell disaster for those who have important travel plans. Pennsylvania parents who are struggling with child support payments should go over their options and do their best to address the situation.

According to the U.S. Department of State, a parent who has $2,500 or more worth of back child support will be unable to receive a U.S. passport. For parents who owe too much unpaid child support to successfully apply for a passport, making arrangements to pay arrears in a timely manner is essential. Moreover, it can take weeks for your passport application to be processed once you have made proper payment arrangements.

Whether a parent who owes child support is laid off or suffers from a medical condition that they were not able to anticipate, paying child support can be hard. Ideally, parents who are struggling with child support payments should avoid falling behind in the first place. While this may seem impossible to some, there may be certain options, such as the modification of a child support order, which can help tremendously in this regard. For those who have already fallen behind on their child support order, getting caught up promptly is paramount.

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