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Ending your marriage during back-to-school season

It can be difficult to bring your marriage to an end during any time of the year. With that said, certain months can be especially challenging. With back-to-school season around the corner, many parents will find themselves running around to buy school supplies and clothes for their child, while dealing with the stress related to school season starting up once again. If you are in the middle of a divorce during this time of year, it can be especially tricky, which highlights how crucial it is to be prepared.

For starters, you should try to cover all of your options and make sure that the decisions you make are the most sensible. This may also be a difficult time for your child, who may have enough anxiety related to returning to school (social issues, adjusting to the daily routine, schoolwork, etc.). Try to help reassure your child that everything will be okay and serve as a source of support during this time.

When your child returns to school, you may need to adjust your schedule as well. It is important to prevent these changes from interfering with your divorce, whether you feel tired or have difficulty concentrating on family law matters, especially since so much may be at stake.

Some parents may feel overwhelmed when they work through a divorce during back-to-school season, but a more favorable outcome for the entire family may be within reach. Visit our section related to divorce if you are interested in reading more about ending a marriage.

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