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Can unpaid child support result in tax refund interception?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Family Law |

A recent post on our blog focused on back child support and passport applications. Now, we will focus on tax refunds and some of the financial consequences that parents may face when they fail to pay their child support. In Pennsylvania, parents may fall behind on these obligations for diverse reasons, including the loss of a job, health problems and so on. However, failing to stay caught up on child support payments can make life even more challenging.

Information that has been provided by the Office of Child Support Enforcement states that failure to pay child support can result in tax refund interception. According to this page, non-custodial parents may lose some of their tax refund or even their entire tax refund if the criteria for the Federal Tax Refund Offset Program are met. In the event that a refund is intercepted, funds are directed to the child support agency in the parent’s state. Setting up a payment plan may be one way for parents to avoid this predicament.

When tax refunds are intercepted, those who were expecting to receive money from the IRS may have a hard time moving forward. Whether they intended to use their tax refund to get caught up on back child support, take care of other obligations or fix something around the house, this can be a devastating wake-up call. As a result, parents who fear that they cannot stay current on child support may benefit from looking into child support modification if their financial state has changed considerably.


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