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How can single parents navigate the holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Family Law |

For single parents in Pennsylvania, the holidays are often a challenging time. From worries about money to conflicts with your ex, you might feel like you’re all alone in your glum feelings and dour outlook. In fact, many single parents go through the same thing this time of year, which is why Live About offers the following tips.  

Help others

When you’re feeling down helping others is often the best way to get out of your funk. This can entail volunteering to a homeless shelter, making a meal for an elderly loved one, or buying toys for a family in need. Helping others not only boosts your spirit, it also helps put your problems into perspective. You can get your kids involved as well, so they can see the true meaning of the holidays.

Make new traditions

Old traditions may be linked to your past relationship. In this case, make some new traditions with your kids to be enjoyed from here on out. Consider going ice skating or crafting together, or even singing in a choir if you’re musically inclined. Change isn’t always bad, especially when you take the opportunity to do something you enjoy.

Practice self-care

If you normally run yourself ragged during the holidays, give yourself a break this year. Fatigue only adds to depression, which can seem overwhelming to single parents still reeling from their divorce. Instead, set clear boundaries and say no if you feel spread too thin. Not only will this give you more time for the things you like to do, it will also empower you to stand up for yourself in the future.


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