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July 2019 Archives

Four tips to follow if you are planning to divorce a narcissist

Although men are more often associated as narcissists than women (they outnumber women two to one on the extreme end of the narcissist spectrum,) women can also be narcissists. If your husband or wife is arrogant, filled with anger, an ego-maniac or even heartless at times, don’t just assume they are a narcissist.

Using quiet titles to resolve boundary disputes

When people in Pennsylvania saw the CNBC headline about Facebook's CEO suing hundreds of Hawaiians to force them off their property, it turned heads. However, a deeper look at the article, which included an amendment with the founder's statements on the matter, may tell a different story.

How limited partnerships work in real estate

Big commercial rebuilding projects can be complex matters and will likely require large transactions of money to fund the building materials, tools and vehicles needed for the job. But to get to this point, building owners and investors may need to pool a sizable amount of financing to make the project go forward. This is why Pennsylvania entrepreneurs sometimes form limited partnerships to finance a new construction project.

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