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A modern parenting plan for a modern family

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Every Pennsylvania family is different, and what will work best for you and your children after a divorce depends on your unique circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to child custody matters, which is why many families are now opting to create their own parenting plan. This will keep your custody issues out of court while giving you more control over the final terms of the order. 

Modern families are often non-traditional, or parents may have non-traditional work schedules. Most people now agree that it is best for kids to have access to both parents, and it is no longer the norm for the mom to have primary custody with the dad only having weekend custody. After your divorce, you need a modern parenting plan to suit the needs of your modern family.

Thinking long-term

Even if you and your spouse wish to keep things amicable and work together on the terms of your custody order, it does not mean that this will be easy. After all, you did make the decision to end your marriage, which is a difficult and often emotionally complicated choice. It’s not simple, but you will find it beneficial to set aside how you feel in the moment and focus on what will work best for your children long-term. 

When allowing your feelings to dictate how you make divorce-related decisions, you will find yourself with a final custody order that may not make sense long-term. It is best for your kids and you to set aside how you feel and think practically about these important things. Stability and security for your children is always the primary goal of a custody order.

Be thorough

Your parenting plan may be unique and non-traditional, but you still will need to be as thorough as possible. Include details on everything from pick-up procedures to handling post-divorce disputes, and you will lower the chance that you and the other parent will fight over issues pertaining to your children. Details will lead to more peace of mind and less stress for the whole family.

Protect your parental rights

Even when two parents want to keep their custody issues out of court, it is still necessary to work to protect your parental rights. It is possible to secure a fair final order that suits the unique needs of your family while still allowing you to have an active role in the lives of your kids.


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