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Protecting your interests when dealing with construction defects

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When you buy a newly constructed property or you opt to contract with a company to build a new building in Pennsylvania, you know how much of a financial investment this process is. It is both costly and time-consuming to complete a construction project, and you rightfully expect all parties to do their jobs right. Sometimes, however, things go wrong in this process.

Construction defects can affect your bottom line and your use of your property. It is more than an inconvenience; it is a direct threat to your financial interests. In some serious cases, a construction defect can actually affect whether or not you can inhabit the space or use your building as you hoped. These are serious problems, and it is often necessary to take legal action to deal with defects

Types of construction defects 

Construction can be a complicated process, and it is crucial that care and skill go into every aspect of it. From selecting the right materials to working with experienced people for certain tasks, even a small mistake can result in serious issues with the final product. Some of the most common types of construction defects include:

  • Defects with the workmanship — When a person does not do his or her job correctly in a construction project, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the project. These issues can even affect structural integrity.
  • Defects with the materials used — Contractors and construction managers are responsible for choosing materials that are high-quality and appropriate for the specific project. Failure to do so can undermine the quality of the entire project.
  • Defects with the design — If there is a problem with the design of the building or project, it will likely negatively impact the entire project. These types of defects often occur because of error or omission.

If you think there is a problem with your construction project, you may not know where to start. These are complex situations, and it is not always easy to know exactly who is to blame for the problems with your property. In this situation, you will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney regarding your options.

Fighting for a fair outcome

In cases involving construction project defects, you may want to take legal action to compel the responsible party to fix the issue or pay for its repair. In other cases, it may be appropriate for you to fight for damages over and beyond the cost of repairs. An assessment of your case can help you see what’s best for your situation.


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