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How do you resolve a boundary dispute with your neighbor?

by | May 6, 2020 | Real Estate Disputes |

Whether your house sits on a three-acre parcel or a tiny urban lot, every square inch of your land adds to the overall value of your property.  You likely invest substantial labor and money into making your property as attractive and enjoyable as possible.  From tending to the lawn to planting trees, you will probably try to make the most of your outdoor spaces. 

Unfortunately, that investment could be endangered if any of your neighbors suddenly dispute your boundary line.  Whether they take issue with the location of your garden or they want to put a fence up in a location that you feel encroaches on your property, a boundary dispute with your neighbor can turn your private haven into a source of stress.

Look at the records, and consider bringing in a surveyor

If you have paper records from the purchase of your home, you may be able to review a property description that could have an image that shows where the property line falls.  If not, there could be records available at the county assessor’s or recorder’s office.  However, not all deeds include a visual representation of the boundary for your property. 

If you can’t locate the boundary in question through a review of your personal records or publicly available county records, you may need to obtain the services of a surveyor, whose professional occupation involves accurately determining property boundaries. 

A surveyor can help you find the actual boundary and provide you with documentation that could help you if you need to go to court to enforce your property rights during a boundary dispute.  If a review of the facts makes it clear that your neighbor has encroached on your property or that you have not violated their boundaries, you will have more leverage in negotiations with your neighbor. 



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