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Can I receive alimony during the divorce process in Pennsylvania?

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Family Law |

Pennsylvania couples who are having marital difficulties and are considering divorce will undoubtedly think about the various issues and implications that will come about when they decide to move forward.  While in a perfect world, people who are unhappy in their relationship should be able to move on without hesitating due to the impact of the case financially and whether it is a viable decision, there are fundamental problems that may prevent them from taking the next step.  One is the financial aspect of a divorce while it is in progress.

Understanding alimony pendente lite

Most people will understand the concept of alimony, but that is a part of the case after the divorce is complete. The supporting former spouse will send a predetermined amount to the supported spouse for a definitive time-period until he or she is able to accrue the necessary education or training and can find sufficient employment to self-support.  Before the divorce is complete, people who do not have the financial wherewithal to file for divorce and pay for it while meeting their everyday needs can seek what is called “alimony pendente lite.”  This encompasses the many financial aspects of a divorce as it is in progress.

The person who needs alimony pendente lite can file for it and the court might approve it.  This will cover the alimony before the divorce is complete and help with support and fees to pay for the person’s legal counsel while the litigation is in process or “pending”.  In addition to support, the court may also order that the paying spouse pay for medical insurance during the divorce proceeding.  Obviously, there is no guarantee that the court will agree to the request.  The person asking for alimony pendente lite must prove that it is necessary.  It is not intended to penalize the paying spouse but is simply a way to ensure that the divorce process is handled fairly and the receiving spouse has support and access to competent assistance so a fair outcome can be reached.  Need is the fundamental part of alimony pendente lite.

Legal assistance with all aspects of family law

Alimony pendente lite is one part of the law that people might not be aware they can use to help them through the divorce.  This and other parts of family law can be complicated and require legal advice to deal with the case.  Those who are thinking about a divorce or are in the middle of one would be wise to have legal assistance.  Contacting a firm that is experienced with divorce, spousal support, child support and more may be essential to a satisfactory resolution.


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