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Long distance parenting plans take special consideration

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Family Law |

Child custody agreements are difficult to create when the parents live within a reasonable distance of each other.  When there is a considerable distance between them, things get even more complex.  If you need to develop a long-distance parenting plan, you need to consider some very specific points. 

The distance between the two homes plays an important role in creating the parenting time schedule.   If the child has to fly from one home to the other, it might mean that there needs to be a schedule that allows for longer, but less frequent, visits.  This might be accomplished by having the child spend summer vacation and winter break with one parent and the rest of the year with the other.  In some cases, the parent who lives away from the child might go to the child for visits between the child’s travel.

Finances might also come into the picture.  Traveling between homes can become expensive, especially if the child has to fly.  This can make it challenging for some parents to abide by a plan that requires frequent visits. 

Because the children need to be able to build and nurture a relationship with both parents, there need to be clear requirements for communication.  Virtual visits through video chats might be beneficial so that the parent and child can have visual contact with each other.  Phone calls, text messages and similar forms of communication should also be considered. 

It can be a challenge to think ahead to all the points that need to be covered in these parenting plans.  Being able to work with your co-parent to come up with solutions to challenges as they arise can help you and the children have a reduction in stress while everything is being settled for the long term. 


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