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Can you decide not to take child support?

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Child Support |

You and your spouse both make good money so, after your divorce, you don’t expect that either of you will have any kind of financial trouble. You have both agreed to share custody of your child, and you feel that determining child support is an unnecessary step. After all, both of you care for your child and will do what you need to do to make sure they are cared for.

Child support is something that some people may be able to waive in rare circumstances, but it’s not typical to do so. Even if you live in a situation where both parties are wealthy, child support can be ordered. The parent who earns more or who has custody less often may pay the other parent support. That money should be used toward the child.

If you don’t need to use that support money toward your child right now, there are some other options. Your attorney could help you set up a trust or college fund, for example. You might put that money toward additional activities or events that your child wouldn’t normally go to.

Waiving child support completely is not usually possible, but you may be able to make an agreement to reduce it significantly when you share custody equally and neither parent earns more than the other. Regardless, if you would like to discuss waiving or modifying a child support order, your attorney can give you more information on what steps to take.

Our website has more on child support, what its purpose is and why you should accept it even when you earn enough to support your child independently. This money is there for your child, and it should be used that way.


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