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What is your child custody plan for Christmas?

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Family Law |

You may have a child custody schedule that works 90% of the time. Maybe your child simply lives with you for one week and then with your ex the following week.  It’s simple and gives both of you the exact same amount of time with your child, so there is little room for confusion or disagreement. 

Even so, there are times during the year when you may need to make special custody arrangements.  The holidays are a prime example, especially around Christmas. 

Adjusting your holiday visitation schedule

The biggest issue here is that, for obvious reasons, you both want to spend the same time with your child.  Unless you and your ex are on great terms and willing to spend the day together, this is fairly close to impossible.  So you need to find a solution that gives you both something.  Make sure you get it in writing, rather than just counting on an oral agreement. 

Some ways to divide your parenting time include:

  • Planning a second day for the parent without custody on Christmas to have their own celebration
  • Splitting the actual Christmas Day in half, giving each of you one half to spend with the child
  • Dividing the holidays; i.e., one of you gets Christmas and the other gets Thanksgiving and New Years
  • Alternating the years so that you spend Christmas Day with your child every other year

No solution is perfect, but that’s why it’s so important to plan in advance.  You need to make sure that you are well aware of all of the options you have and that you create a concrete plan well in advance. If you need help creating or modifying a parenting plan, make sure to seek experienced guidance.


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