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How a real estate agent who’s a divorce specialist can help you sell your home

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Family Law |

Divorcing spouses often must agree to sell the family home when neither can afford to buy out the other’s interest.  But the process of selling a home with an estranged spouse is sometimes difficult

That’s where an agent who’s a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist can be extremely helpful.  These are real estate agents who have undergone training that helps them understand the issues with which divorcing clients must contend.  They also have a good grasp of state property division laws and other aspects of divorce.  These specialists can help prevent conflicts from derailing the sale of what’s likely a couple’s most valuable joint asset.

How divorcing spouses can help make their home sale go more smoothly

Even a divorce specialist agent, however, can’t help people who are more focused on hurting their exes than in selling their homes and moving on.  The agents need some amount of cooperation from both parties.  That’s why it’s essential for couples to retain an agent whom they both trust to be impartial.

Real estate agents who specialize in helping divorcing clients also recommend the following:

  • Keep in mind that arguing is only going to cost you time and potential sales.  If your attorneys have to get involved in a conflict, it can cost you money as well.
  • Remember that just because your spouse wants to accept an offer, that doesn’t mean you should reject it.  One of you may be more willing to accept a lower offer than you anticipated.  However, it may be a smart financial decision if the home is costing both of you more than you can afford now that one or both of you has another residence.
  • It’s typically best if one spouse stays in the home until it’s sold.  Homes usually sell more quickly if they don’t look like the sellers have moved out and are therefore probably anxious to sell.  It’s almost never a good idea, however, for both spouses to stay in the home.
  • Selling your home before your divorce is final can help you avoid capital gains taxes.  Married couples can exclude as much as $500,000.  That’s double what it is for unmarried people.

If you and your spouse are planning to sell your home in the divorce, your family law attorney can likely suggest some real estate agents in your area who can help you get the best price as quickly as possible.


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