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3 benefits of a new home real estate inspection

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Residential Real Estate |

When a home is being built from the ground up, you may think that you won’t need an inspection.  However, getting a new home inspection is a good idea, because even newly built homes can have issues that need to be addressed to maintain the home’s structure and appearance.

There are a few different benefits to seeking a new home inspection before you agree to move in. These include:

  • Identifying any problems in the home
  • Feeling confident that there are no serious issues with the home
  • Allowing you to price the property accurately

These three benefits are important to protecting yourself if you’re buying or selling a home.

Identifying Issues in your home

The first reason to get a new home inspection is that it gives you the opportunity to identify problems in the structure of the home.  You may want to have this inspection done a few times, such as while construction is underway and when the home is completed.

Gaining a sense of confidence

By having your newly built home inspected, you can be confident that the team who is working on it is doing their job well.  You can also be confident that a second set of eyes has looked at the structure’s bones, electrical systems and other aspects of the property, so you can trust that they’re up to the codes required.

Pricing your property

Whether now or in the future, you’ll want to know exactly what this home is worth.  If you’re buying it, you may be able to negotiate down the price if it isn’t valued as highly as you had thought.  Similarly, if you want to sell the property, knowing that it passes all the inspections will help you price it accordingly and give buyers better peace of mind.

These are just three benefits of having a real estate inspection, even when your home is being built from scratch.  You’ll notice if there are problems earlier, be able to have them corrected and have the confidence that your home is ready for sale or to live in safely without construction defects or other issues.


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