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How do you handle an old, paid mechanic’s lien?

by | May 11, 2021 | Quiet Title |

Mechanics’ liens are powerful tools for those in the construction industry.  They allow professionals and companies to perform services without accepting all of the payment for their work up front because they have recourse for getting paid after they do their job.

Pennsylvania allows companies and individual contractors to place a lien against someone’s home if that homeowner fails to pay them for work done on the property or materials used during a construction project.

Unfortunately, some homeowners may discover that there is a lien against their property long after they paid the bill for the company who placed the lien.  What do you do in that scenario?

The courts can help you address inappropriate liens on your property title

A lien on your title must receive payment in full before you can transfer ownership or even refinance the property.  Discovering an outdated mechanics’ lien from the roof that you put on five years ago could bring your pending home sales to a sudden halt.  Under Pennsylvania law, you can pursue a quiet title action to remove a lien.

You will either need to have evidence showing that you paid the lien or that it should not be there in the first place.  You will then need to submit that evidence to a judge during a hearing.  The judge will enter a ruling based on the available evidence.  If you can show that you paid the lien in full, the judge can remove the lien from the title, thus allowing you to move forward with your transaction.

Pursuing a quiet title action can be the fastest means of addressing issues with the title that might hinder your plans for the property. An experienced attorney can help.



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