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Kayden’s Law passes Pennsylvania State Senate

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Family Law |

A law that has been passed by the Pennsylvania State Senate to protect children involved in custody disputes could change the way custody works in the state.  The legislation, named Kayden’s Law, was passed with bipartisan support while approaching the anniversary of Kayden Mancuso’s death.  It still needs to be considered by the house judiciary committee. 

The child was reportedly killed during an unsupervised visit with her father that had been ordered by the court even after her mother had shown the court evidence that her father behaved abusively and violently.  After Kayden’s death, her mother began to advocate for legislation that would help protect children against abuse. 

Understanding Kayden’s Law

Kayden’s Law would add restrictions on visitation with those who have a proven history of abuse or a higher risk of abuse.  One of those restrictions would be to make sure that there is always another person present during the visitation.  This is called supervised visitation. 

The bill also requires better training for judges, as well as other court personnel, on the issues of domestic violence.  On top of this, the law would also make sure that judges consider additional factors when deciding on long and short term care options for a child involved in a custody dispute. 

Take steps to protect your child

Changes in custody laws are designed to help children stay safer.  If there are concerns about domestic violence or other issues that could put your child at risk, then new laws like this could help.  In the meantime, make sure you are clear with your attorney about the risks and understand your legal rights.  There are ways to prevent your child from being exposed to harmful individuals. 


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