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Clarify ownership with a quiet title action

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Quiet Title |

A quiet title action is a lawsuit filed with the intention to settle an issue regarding who has title to a property.  If there are any  concerns regarding the title of a property that you wish to purchase, you may have to pursue a quiet title action to resolve issues so that you can continue with the purchase.

A quiet title action is intended to clarify ownership of a property.  These can be common in cases where there are issues like:

  • Mortgage lender disputes
  • Cases of adverse possession
  • Significant time passage since the property was occupied
  • The death of the title owners

When you’re not sure who really owns a property, a quiet title action can be the right option.  Once the quiet title action is complete, you’ll be able to possess the property without concern of claims of ownership made against your property in the future.

How long should it take to get a quiet title action?

The time it takes to complete a quiet title action varies, but many cases can take between three and four months.  Some quiet title actions can be concluded more quickly than others.  It’s a good idea to have legal support when taking your quiet title action to court.

Will a quiet title action protect me against others who claim they own the property?

In most cases, yes.  Since you’ve already gone to court to determine ownership, the findings from court should help you protect your purchase.

Will a quiet title action clear up all problems with a title?

No, not all of them.  Quiet title actions can only be used to clear title defects or specific claims.  So, there is a potential that other issues with the title will remain.

Quiet title actions can be helpful, but only if they’re used in the right way.  It may be necessary to use a quiet title action if there is any question about who owns a property or about defects showing on the title.

This can take some time, which is why it’s important to know if the quiet title action will resolve the issues you’re seeing with the title. If this title is problematic,  it may be a sign to move on to a different property in some cases.


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