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3 benefits of negotiating an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Family Law |

It is often true that one spouse wants a divorce while the other wants to stay married.  Other times, tempers flare, leading former partners to fight bitterly with one another over minor matters, like who gets to keep the sofa.

If you can’t resolve those matters outside of court, then you will have to litigate, meaning a judge will have to hear from both of you, review information about your household, and then make a decision about your property.

On the other hand, you can resolve your own disputes and file an uncontested divorce.  There are numerous benefits associated with uncontested divorce filings.

Uncontested divorces are faster

When you litigate, a judge needs to learn about your assets and your financial circumstances before making any decisions.  The process will take even longer if you have minor children and you will share custody of them.  If you set those terms on your own outside of court, the entire divorce process will be substantially faster.

Uncontested divorces are cheaper

You have to pay for that time in court.  You and your ex will also both have to pay for the work your attorneys do litigating your disagreements.  All of that can add up to a very expensive divorce.  Even if you have to bring in other professionals, like mediators, to file an uncontested divorce, it will likely still be cheaper to do that than to litigate.

Uncontested divorces are private

One of the issues with litigating your divorce is that whatever you say in court could eventually reach your employer, your parents or your children.  Divorce often requires discussions about someone’s worst behaviors, like infidelity or substance abuse.  If you discuss those issues in mediation, those details remain confidential.

Identifying the benefits of an uncontested divorce might lead to a decision to pursue one instead of litigating.


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