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Closing day stress affects many residential real estate sellers

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

Families move to a new residence for many reasons.  They might have outgrown their current home or want to downsize after their children move out.

Whatever the reason, selling residential real estate causes anxiety and stress (as can buying).  Some of this anxiety stems from the emotional loss of a beloved home.  Other times, stress or anxiety arises when home sellers have inadequate knowledge of the closing procedure.

Six things to take to your closing

Many people selling residential real estate find that closing day is one of the most stressful parts of selling a home.  If you bring the items below with you on closing day, many or all of which are required, you will likely experience less stress:

  1. A current form of identification
  2. A copy of the contract between you and the buyer
  3. If necessary, proof of wire transfer or certified funds
  4. House, mailbox and gate keys
  5. Security codes, if applicable
  6. Proof that you made any repairs the buyer might have requested

Some people selling a home in Philadelphia have legal representation at their closing.  If a last-minute problem arises, this can be very helpful.  Another benefit involves having someone there to ensure that the closing documents are in order.  For example, a legal professional can probably spot a last-minute and undisclosed change in the paperwork better than you can.

Selling or buying residential real estate does not need to be cause for undue anxiety.  Learning more about the laws that guide the purchase and sale of residential real estate can help to reduce your seller’s stress.  It can also improve your knowledge of state real estate regulations.  Such knowledge will serve you well if you need to sell another home in the future.


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