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Important considerations when building a tiny house

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

Today, tiny houses are quite the phenomenon.  They allow buyers to get the comforts of a home without the huge price tag.  Even better, tiny homes are considered an eco-friendly option. 

Even though tiny homes check many boxes when it comes to smart, affordable and sustainable living, they do present some issues.  One of the biggest problems potential owners face is finding a properly zoned location

Tiny house zoning issues

Zoning is the biggest issue when it comes to tiny house purchases.  In some communities, those living in tiny houses are classified as “vagrants” by the community leaders.  Other areas are concerned the structures aren’t up to code, safe enough or that they will cause nearby property values to drop. 

To help reduce these concerns while giving those who want to live in tiny homes the opportunity to do so, a planning tool has been created by Lancaster County Planning Commission.

According to information in this tool, structures like “granny flats,” “in-law suites,” and other small dwellings are currently allowed, so tiny homes should be.  The tool also helps those in the area who want to live in a tiny home have a stronger argument when requesting zoning adjustments. 

Building a case for your tiny home

Along with the concerns mentioned above, other potential issues are related to building or situating tiny homes in established communities.  One example is waste disposal.  Because the concerns of community leaders and property owners do have some validity, it’s best to understand what they are and how you will address them before requesting zoning changes.  

Your legal rights

Real estate law can be complicated.  However, if you want to live in a tiny home, you may be able to convince the community to grant permission thanks to the tool mentioned above and by showing how the tiny home will be an asset to the area. 


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