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Selling your home? Consider getting your own inspection

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Residential Real Estate |

When you are getting ready to sell your home, you want to make sure that the sale will go off without a hitch.  The last thing anyone wants is for you to have the sale fall through because of issues on an inspection.

That’s why it isn’t a terrible idea to get an inspection done on your own before you put your home up for sale.  While it’s not necessary, it can help you avoid surprises if the buyer has an inspector come in.  It could also help you protect yourself against fraud or untrue claims.

Why should you do a pre-inspection before selling your home?

One reason to do a pre-inspection is because it shows that you’re willing to be honest during the sale.  A buyer may be happy to review the inspection and decide to waive their own because you have one available for them.

Additionally, it’s a helpful strategy for you.  You can be sure that you can repair minor issues and disclose all major problems with the home.  That way, once a buyer makes an offer, they’re more likely to be locked into contract and have to go through with the purchase.

An inspection gives you peace of mind, too

Typically, it’s the buyers who order an inspection.  They may also use the inspection as a contingency, so if the inspection shows problems, you could end up losing the sale.

Getting an inspection ahead of time gives you the peace of mind

Getting an inspection on your home ahead of time gives you the peace of mind of knowing if you need to make repairs, but it also helps you if the next inspection comes up differently than yours did.  You can go over discrepancies with the buyer, and, depending on the reason, take action if fraud or other issues were taking place.

As a seller, you want to protect yourself, and you need to take steps to do so.  Getting an inspection costs a little bit of money, but it will provide you with a greater amount of leverage when it comes time to sell your property.


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