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The 3 types of construction defects

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Real Estate Disputes |

Construction defects can lead to significant issues with your building.  If a construction team does something wrong or uses poor materials, a defect could happen.  Alternatively, poor designs or other deficiencies could lead to defects that leave your property damaged and worth less than before.

To understand your rights, it is helpful to learn more about the different kinds of construction defects that you could run into.  Here are the three main forms and what to expect if you find them.

The 3 types of construction defects

The three kinds of construction defects include:

  1. Design defects.
  2. Workmanship defects.
  3. Material defects.

If any of these defects, or several, are present, there could be significant damage that needs to be repaired.

When can you make a claim for construction defects at your property?

To make a construction defect claim, you will have to show that:

  1. The defect is due to a deficiency in the construction process, such as design, workmanship, or material defects.
  2. The defect has led to a failure in the structure, such as rotted joists or damaged walls.
  3. The failure has caused damage.  This damage may be financial or otherwise.

Defects can include many kinds of issues, like design defects that are made due to omissions or workmanship defects caused by poor craftsmanship.

Remember that construction professionals are held to an industry-wide standard of care.  Work has to be done to the same level that it would have been done by other professionals in the field (on average).

If the standard of care in the industry was not met, then the individual who is making a claim will be able to build a better case against the construction professionals and, potentially, get compensation.

Can you get money if you find a defect?

Sometimes. If you’re interested in getting financial compensation, you may be able to get it.  If not, there may be other options, such as asking the construction professionals to do repairs or to replace parts that have been damaged.  Change orders and other options may be available, too, depending on the state of the project.


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