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Your marital age could impact your odds of divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Family Law |

How old were you when you got married?  If you’re wondering about the odds of divorce, the answer to that question may be very important.  Studies have found that the age at which you marry can have a direct impact on the odds that you and your partner will later get a divorce.

In fact, it is often found that young marriages are far less stable.  A couple who gets married right out of high school has much higher odds of getting divorced than a couple who gets married after college, for example.  But even that may not be long enough to fully reduce your odds of divorce.  Most people are still in their early 20s when they graduate from college. 

Getting married at 32 is ideal

To really reduce the odds of divorce, some studies claim that you need to get married at 32 years old. Prior to this point, the divorce rate is always dropping, falling by around 11% every year.  Putting off your wedding slightly longer can make the marriage more stable. 

But the trend bottoms out at that point, and then it reverses.  After age 32, every year that goes by correlates with a 5% greater chance of getting a divorce.  So couples may believe that they simply need to continue waiting longer to get married, but these statistics show that waiting too long can be just as bad as getting married at 18.

Are you getting a divorce?

Of course, couples that get married at any age can get divorced for a multitude of reasons.  These can include things like differences in parenting styles, extramarital affairs, financial stress and much more.  If you do end up getting divorced, just make sure you know about your legal options.


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