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Handling Divorce and Family Law Matters in Philadelphia

Divorce. Child custody. Adoption. These family matters involve many emotions and difficult decisions. The Philadelphia attorneys at the Avallone Law Associates understand how overwhelming these issues can be. We offer compassion and experience to guide clients to an efficient resolution that avoids costly and bitter litigation whenever possible.

Our firm has been making the law work for families in eastern Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. To learn how we can help you, contact us for a free consultation today.

Our Family Law Services

  • Divorce matters
  • Issues involving children
    • We negotiate child custody and visitation solutions, including residential placement and parenting schedules; we also litigate these disputes when necessary.
    • We help primary residential parents obtain permission to relocate with their children, and we challenge custodial parent relocation petitions as well.
    • We help clients understand the child support guidelines so fair payments can be set.
    • We help mothers and fathers establish paternity for purposes of custody, visitation or support.
    • We protect the rights of parents and birth mothers in agency, international, stepparent, and kinship (family member) adoptions.
    • We represent adoptive parents and stepparents in termination of parental rights proceedings; we also challenge these actions on behalf of birth parents.
    • We help grandparents and other third parties to adopt or to obtain custody or visitation rights in appropriate circumstances.
  • Other family law matters
    • We negotiate post-divorce modifications and obtain them through the courts.
    • We solve problems and concerns involving domestic violence.
    • We handle name changes and birth certificate amendments as well.

Strong Advocacy and Sensitivity

Arguments leading up to a divorce spill over into disputes about custody, financial support and dividing marital assets. Even couples intent on an amicable dissolution often find they cannot come to agreement on certain issues relating to the children’s welfare and where they will live, or what to do with the marital home. Therefore, it is important to hire an experienced divorce and family law lawyer who can identify the core issues in a divorce and strategize around those points. Your attorney should be skilled at drawing these matters to a fair and swift resolution, but experienced in the courtroom if settlement talks or mediation breaks down.

Find out what you need to know and arrange a free initial consultation at our Philadelphia office. You can do that by calling us at 215-253-3855 or by contacting us online.