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Domestic Violence Cases in Pennsylvania Family Courts

Domestic violence can occur between family members or intimate partners, in roommate situations or in any number of other contexts. Domestic violence is also defined to include not just physical acts of abuse, but also threats to abuse and psychological forms of violence as well, including continued harassment or stalking.

Philadelphia attorneys at Avallone Law Associates offer detailed knowledge of Pennsylvania’s Protection From Abuse Act and can help you understand your legal rights and options under those laws. This area of the firm’s practice includes services for obtaining protection from abuse orders (restraining orders) and temporary orders for child custody or support — and for addressing violations of such orders.

Domestic Violence and Divorce

Incidents of family violence are the catalyst behind many divorce petitions. In some cases, the stress of the divorce process exacerbates the already hard feelings that exist between two people, the wrong thing gets said and one of them ends up making a terrible mistake that jeopardizes the relationship they have with the children.

Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic violence are an easy way for one spouse to gain an unfair advantage in terms of who gets to keep the family home and who gets custody of the kids. We recognize the seriousness of the consequences these allegations can lead to and will provide aggressive representation on your behalf, challenging the other side to back up their story with solid evidence and filing cross-petitions in appropriate situations as well.

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