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Establishing Paternity in Philadelphia and Across Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a married man is presumed to be the father of any children his wife gives birth to. This presumption can be challenged, though not without difficulty. Paternity can also be established by signing a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity or through DNA testing.

In the context of family law, paternity concerns may arise before or during a divorce-related child support proceeding. They can also arise when an unmarried mother or father wants to obtain child support, custody or visitation rights.

The lawyers at Avallone Law Associates can help you understand your rights to establish the correct paternity of the child by petitioning the court to order a genetic DNA test. Once paternity is established, the proper child support and child custody orders can be created.

Strong Advocacy and Sensitivity

Paternity actions often involve difficult emotions and can become highly contentious if not properly handled by the attorneys for each parent. Despite 40 years of real world practice experience, Lawrence J. Avallone remains committed to keeping up-to-date on recent changes in Pennsylvania’s paternity laws and judicial rulings. As your advocate, Mr. Avallone will handle your case with the utmost discretion and sensitivity, and be aggressive in seeking to resolve the matter in a correct and timely fashion.

40 Years of Making the Law Work for Families

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